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These milk carton water bottles are super cute and made of high quality, BPA free plastic. There are two different ways to open this bottle - from the small white screw top lid, and also at the base of the triangular portion with an opening... importantly... big enough for ice!

They feature a retro inspired, memphis style graphic pattern and a teeny Woah Dude logo on the back panel.

Not only are you doing yourself a favour by getting some more H2O into that bod of yours, but you're helping out ol' Mother Nature by reducing the amount of single use plastic waste you could be throwing away... Good work! I'm super proud of you, dude!

I would highly recommend that this bottle is not microwaved or put through the dishwasher as this may decrease it's life span - it needs the tender love and care of your bubbly hands and nothing less, dangit!

Dimensions (approx):

W: 6.5cm
H: 20.5cm
Capacity: 500ml


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