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Have you ever woken up on a Monday filled with existential dread, wondering what in the actual HECK you're gonna do this week and how will you come out the back end (bum lol) of it in one piece? Because wow, same.

This A4 weekly desk planner has 50 sheets of premium 100gsm paper and is undated. It reminds you to log how you're feeling each day as well as having two weekly round up sections at the end where you can log your wins and your losses. 

You might be thinking "but, why would I want to write about the crappy stuff in Things To Forget? Surely that's just going to give me a permanent reminder of why my week was a steaming heap?" but to that I say "NOPE. Because the best part about this pad is that it's a tearaway, meaning that once you've written down what sucked, you can tear it away and put it straight in the recycling ready to start fresh the next day." Nice huh?

This A4 weekly desk planner is also available as part of a 3 piece stationery bundle alongside an A5 notepad and a to do list pad! Neat.

'This Week' A4 Weekly Desk Planner!

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