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Imagine all the things you could put on this to do list! 

Daily chores, work stuff, your partner's name... the possibilities are endless!

This DL notepad has 50 pages of premium 100gsm paper and is ideal for keeping on your desk or bedside table, so you can remind yourself to email your coworker about how awful they are *first thing in the morning!* Isn't that convenient??

In case you're a numbers person, here are the dimensions!
99mm x 210mm <-- nice, huh? Not gonna lie, being 1mm away from 100 does upset me greatly, but we'll gloss over that.

This To Do list is also available as part of a 3 piece stationery bundle alongside an A4 weekly planner and an A5 notepad! NOICE.

'Things I Will Likely Forget TO DO' List Pad