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Meet Rocky!

Rocky's favourite pastime is looking at old photos of people and being weirdly judgemental about their sense of style, despite once having frosted tips back in 1998 because they saw Justin Timberlake do it and was like "oh heck I sure wish my hair also looked like a packet of dried chicken flavoured Super Noodles" and got their auntie Cath to do it for them with one of those gross rubber caps that you poke holes in and pull the hair out with a crochet hook type thing and ended up with multiple scalp injuries AND shit hair.

Rocky is made from 100% vegan friendly yarns and lovingly handmade by Art Plush Designer, Laura Barnes. 

They're lightly weighted for a cute lil' presence in your hands! :)PLEASE NOTE: This item is NOT A TOY and is intended for collectors over the age of 14 only. Be safe and keep this item out of reach of little ones and pets! Thank you! :)

Rocky - Weighted Comfort Friend