Untitled_Artwork 41.jpg

Uhm, excuse me, but would you LOOK AT IT?? Holy smokes, it's like my eyeballs are enjoying a delicious RAINBOW MEAL.

Not that I need to say this, but these guys are made from faux fur... because a) fur is BAD, mm'kay?? and b) what the flippin' heck kind of animal has fur this extra?? Whatever animal it is, I wanna meet it and shake it's paw/hoof/talons.

At their floofiest, these guys come in at 4in across.

They might get a bit squished in transit so blast them with a hairdryer like they're getting a celebrity blowout once they arrive! They'll be so fluffy after that you won't know what to do with yourself. 

Please note: due to colour variations, your item may come with more pinkish tones than pictured, or more blueish tones than pictured. The colours will vary from pom to pom and screen to screen. 

Rainbow Fuzzball Keyring