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Do you wake up every morning and proclaim “ow, my back hurts”? Is paracetamol more of a source of affection than your own Mother? Do you find yourself constantly attached to some sort of hot water bottle or TENS machine or heat pad or massage chair? Is your partner or housemate super grossed out by that weird grunting noise you make when you stand up?


Wear your catchphrase on your chest with this 100% cotton, ringspun, crew neck  t-shirt! It also features a small Woah Dude horizontal logo on the hem of the sleeve. 

The design is hand pressed with high quality heat transfer vinyl, and it’s recommended that you wash it on a lower temperature, ideally inside out. Tumble drying is fine, but not recommended at it may shorten the lifespan of the design! Do not iron directly onto the design, ya dingus!

✨OW✨ Unisex T-Shirt