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Meet Moe!

Moe is taken from the word "moment," - he is lightly weighted and a perfect presence to hold, spin, throw and catch, pass from hand to hand, etc, whenever you "just need a moment" or you're "having a moment."

This creation is part of The Bothers series. The Bothers is a collection of lovingly handmade art plush, designed to separate our difficult emotions from our bodies and place them gently in our hands. Each Bother is designed to embody the feelings that often feel too hard to bear alone; worry, grief, guilt, shame, doubt, anxiety... These creations are the result of a highly engaged passion project and now join over 1000 other Bothers out in the world, helping people come to terms with their feelings.

Mini Moe is made from 100% vegan friendly yarns and lovingly handmade by Art Plush Designer, Laura Barnes. 

PLEASE NOTE: This item is NOT A TOY and is intended for collectors over the age of 14 only. Be safe and keep this item out of reach of little ones and pets! Thank you! :)

2.5in across, 2in deep.

Moes - Weighted Comfort 'Toy'