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Meet Maurice!

Maurice loves being around nature, (even if that's just houseplants) and opening doors for 18 people at once when they only intended to open it for 1 person and then other people notice and start doing that weird kinda slow jog towards the door so that Maurice would hold it for them and they just sorta stand there waiting because honestly it's not like Maurice can slam the door in their face. They have a really good relationship with his mother which, honestly, is a blessing and a curse tbh, isn't it? 

Maurice is lovingly handmade by Art Plush Designer, Laura Barnes. They're lightly weighted for a cute lil' presence in your hands! :)

Maurice is partly made from yarn that contains wool so is not suitable for anyone with an allergy to animal fibres or is morally opposed to using products containing animal fibres :)

PLEASE NOTE: This item is NOT A TOY and is intended for collectors over the age of 14 only. Be safe and keep this item out of reach of little ones and pets! Thank you! :)

Maurice - Palm Planet