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Meet Beatrice and Leela!

Leela, frankly, won't leave home. They call their mum every day and do a lot of crying which is just a bit awkward for Beatrice but it's what a mum does, isn't it? Beatrice loves margaritas, sunbathing and watching Supernatural because that Dean is a right pretty boy and he looks good in a leather jacket.

Beatrice and Leela are lovingly handmade by Art Plush Designer, Laura Barnes. They're lightly weighted for a cute lil' presence in your hands! :)

Beatrice is made from yarn that contains wool so is not suitable for anyone with an allergy to animal fibres or is morally opposed to using products containing animal fibres :)

PLEASE NOTE: This item is NOT A TOY and is intended for collectors over the age of 14 only. Be safe and keep this item out of reach of little ones and pets! Thank you! :)

Beatrice and Leela - Palm Planet