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Ever thought, omg I can only look at things with my EYES. I just wish I could intimidate ants and flowers and small things way lower down without hurting my old knees. Well now you can, thanks to this extra set of eyes on your socks! Wow! Look at all sorts of low down things like *DiRt* and *DriEd OuT CaT PoO* and *thE inSiDe oF thE LeG oF YoUr JeAns* WOW!! SUCH SEEING!

These guys should fit comfortably on feet in sizes between UK sizes 4 - 7 and are squishy and soft for the nature lover in your life (or yourself!)They’re made from a squishy stretch mix of cotton (78%) polyester (17%) and spandex (5%)

'I See You' Eye Socks

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