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Hey! I'm so glad you're here! 

While I've got you, I wanted to take a second to chat about the changes Woah have made to our packaging so that we're doing our part to reduce the impact our parcels have on our tired planet!!

In the past, we have used a number of different materials in our packaging, ranging from cellophane to plastic tape to vinyl closure stickers... but pretty, eco friendly options have taken over!

Where we were using small cellophane bags for things like stickers and prints, these have now been replaced with bio-degradable Glassine bags, decorated with paper stickers!

Plastic tape has been switched out in favour of some of the world's coolest paper, water activated tape from the amazing No Issue Co, and all parcels are being sent out in cardboard boxes and card backed mailers, decorated with reusable ink stamps! Pretty friggin' neat-o, if you ask me!

My favourite part of all is our water soluble packing peanuts! These things are not only reminiscent of giant white Wotsits, but they dissolve in water and are made from all natural products: maize grit, water and herbal extracts. These ingredients combine to form a spongy, polystyrene-like substance that dissolves into harmless substances when exposed to water. SCIENCE!

If you have any further questions about how we package your order, or any requests, please get in touch on woahdudedesigns@gmail.com with the subject heading "Packaging" and someone will get back to you asap!