The newest battlecry for exhausted, undervalued, underappreciated and overworked creative professionals all over the world - "It Costs That Much Cos it Takes Me F#%*ing Hours" was born from a song I created in June of 2021 and uploaded onto TikTok!

The audio went viral and #cosittakesmehours became a front page trending hashtag within a week. Since then it has been heard *MILLIONS* of times and the audio has been used tens of thousands of times by other artists through TikTok and Instagram Reels and creatives tired of having to explain themselves! 

Stay tuned for an expanded range and stand your ground, creative badass!

See below for the full video and find me on TikTok as @woahdudedesigns for more musical nonsense!

Being a creative professional is not only a constant struggle to stay afloat, but it can be an extremely lonely industry, and often we feel alone in the problems we face!

I created my TikTok account and the ridiculous songs and videos on it to bring together a community of exhausted, underappreciated artists, musicians, hairdressers, bakers, videographers, photographers, designers and endless folks from other expressive careers.

I'm so excited and proud of the growing community that we've created and in being able to bring us together through shared experiences, teaching us to truly value our awesome selves and the incredible work that we create, whatever that may be.

Self employed creatives, unite!